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Beautifully packaged tree and plant gifts for every occasion

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Artisan Handmade Soaps

Bringing you beautiful tree gifts with gorgeous artisan soaps.

If only the internet had the ability to let you smell this amazing artisan soap range. We keep our stock in the office just because they smell sooooo good and permeate through the boxes!

These artisan soaps are proudly handcrafted from scratch in a small cottage studio situated in Coastal Otago, New Zealand. Each bar of soap is carefully made to encapsulate the essence of the rustic and the beautiful, - found in the raw natural ingredients, the age old process, and the earthy packaging. 

NO Palm Oil!  NO Lard & Tallow!  NO Synthetic Fragrances!  All-natural, handmade products by Honey & Spice, a lovely little kiwi company which we are proud to support.