Top Tips for Kowhai Trees

Kōwhai are beautiful native trees iconic to New Zealand, with the gorgeous yellow flowers – while unofficial – being widely recognised as NZ’s native flower. The following information is in relation to Dragons Gold, Sophora molloyi, a tidy, compact shrub which grows to approximately 2 metres, making it suitable for small gardens and for growing […]

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The Best Gardening Tip My Mum Ever Taught Me

Trees Please Gardening Tips

Have you ever heard of the meatloaf story? It goes a little something like this: A mother is making meatloaf with her teenage daughter; a ritual they’ve been doing together for years. As part of the tradition, the two chefs cut the ends of each side of the meatloaf before putting it in the oven. […]

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Top Tips for Camellia-Trees

Camellia trees are such a diverse plant, and an absolute beauty for the garden. If you’ve ever received or bought one, you know that the flowers are always stunners, not to mention it creates a lovely hedging plant or border for the garden! Best areas to grow Camellias are suitable for growing throughout New Zealand. […]

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