Lovingly Prepared & Packaged

Our gifts all come lovingly packaged in our boxes, and there is more to it all than meets the eye! You may think it odd that we send trees in wooden boxes. So we’ve explained it all below, so you can feel even better about sending one of our gifts.

About Our Boxes

Firstly – our boxes are made from sustainable pine, and New Zealand is fortunate to have a growing volume of plantation forest estates available for harvest. The availability of New Zealand Pine makes it a sustainable and renewable resource, and an attractive and acceptable alternative to timber species from the world’s dwindling natural forests. We chose wood over other products for a few reasons:

  • Protection (to prevent all the in-transit bumps and bangs from damaging the baby tree)
  • Uniqueness (we’re all about being a little bit different…)
  • Sustainability (keep reading for ways to re-use our boxes)
  • Visual (they look amazing!)

Secondly, our boxes are designed to be re-used in a number of ways:

  • They can be lined with plastic and used as effective seed or seedling planters for veges or herbs (instructions are included in all our gifts).
  • Storage boxes – for stationery, kids art products, books – the list is endless!
  • Pack-away storage – layer newspaper / paper between the items that you want to store to allow the air to circulate.
  • Or, if none of the above suit – the wood in the box can be broken down and used as kindling for the fire.

As New Zealand’s original tree gift company, Trees Please! were the first NZ tree gift company to produce and sell the different tree boxes that you see in our store. Our custom-made boxes were purpose-designed to keep our trees safe in transit, and provide a two-in-one gift.

Other parts of our Packaging


You may ask – what on earth is woodwool? Basically it is where off-cuts of wood are shaved off and end up as cute little shaving curls. It’s fantastic for keeping loose items secure, but more importantly, it can also be re-used in a multitude of ways:

  • Layer on the garden and it will decompose
  • Use around the base of plants (i.e. strawberries) to keep nasty bugs / slugs away and the fruit clean
  • Layer in the compost
  • Use for pet bedding (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits
  • Or just throw it on the garden for the birds to take away and build their nests with.
  • Finally, if none of the above appeal – you can roll woodwool into balls to help create a roaring fire.
Packing Material

When we send out corporate orders, our trees get sent in cardboard boxes. Where possible, we re-use packing received from our suppliers, or if there is none available we use recycled options.

Have you received one of our gifts? We would LOVE to hear about ways that you have re-used your wooden boxes. We welcome you to post these to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NZTreesPlease or alternatively send these to us via email – click here.